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  • Test your preparedness. Sit a complete mock exam under actual test conditions
  • Explain how to 'read' a fact scenario, and how to recognize and eliminate incorrect answers
  • Review landmark decisions/statutory principles most frequently tested
  • Reinforce learning. Listening to an instructor, viewing PowerPoint presentations, and asking questions helps you retain learning.

We've seen a steady increase in pass rates since the introduction of Live Tuition. Starting in 2014, when we began offering four full days of classroom instruction to the QLTS course programme, MCT scores rose 15.2% and OSCE scores rose 17.4%.  Find out more

Videos of the Classroom Sessions will post to your training account within 48 hours.

Yes! Our online training portal is regularly revised and checked as the law changes, to ensure all subjects and exercises are current. We just did a comprehensive overhaul of our study materials on 1st April 2018.

Reported OSCE results for November 2017 were 73% overall; reported MCT results for January 2018 were 78%. Pass rates have been steadily increasing since our introduction of Live Tuition.  Find out more

No, we are only the training provider. Kaplan QLTS is the sole authorised assessment provider for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) of assessments under The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS).

Face-to-face exercises take place in our Live Tuition weekends, which occur in last month before you will sit the exam. Here, we will go through mock scenarios and answer all your final questions, face-to-face.

The online course also includes a multitude of demonstration videos and exercises in which your City Professors review mock exercises and illustrate the best approaches.

You can access a tutor whenever you need throughout your studies. City Professors are available to answer all your content questions related to the test, and our in-house testing specialists will assist you with the design and logic of the QLTS examinations.

As soon as you register, you'll receive access to the online training system, all your course materials, and codes for LEXIS access. We will automatically send PDF copies of the course manuals, which you can print if needed. Next, set-up an introductory call with one of our team specialists, who will happily walk you through the system, the exam itself, get you started with the Diagnostic mock exam, and clear up any other questions you may have to get you started on the right foot.

No, we don't make you buy any books! Both our MCT and OSCE courses come with all the materials you need for studying, which can be accessed inside our online training portal. PDF copies of the manuals are also available for download. See all of what's included here.

Your enrollment lasts until you pass the exam, no matter when you choose to sit.

Queries are answered by the City Law Professors, who are teaching the corresponding LLB/GDL or LPC subject. QLTS Advantage also employs Testing Specialists who will teach you the structure and format of the QLTS examinations. Just send us a message and the request will be quickly routed to the most suitable expert on our team to help you.

QLTS Advantage is the Technical / Administrative arm. City is responsible for all the QLTS content, and also supplies the Lecturers / Professors who lead the Live Tuition weekends at Gray's Inn.

QLTT International, the forerunner of QLTS Advantage, was developed in 2003 by six New York Law School Professors and has since helped train 5100 attorneys from around the world qualify as English Solicitors. In 2010, following the SRA's expanded syllabus and changed format of the new transfer exam (QLTS), the Law professors liaised with City, University of London, in order to continue to offer a blended course for its QLTS School.

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Join our QLTS Community group on LinkedIn! This is the best place to network with fellow delegates and graduates, ask questions and get lots of helpful freebies such as weekly real sample test questions and exam prep tips straight from QLTS Advantage / CITY, University of London tutors.

Not enrolled with us yet? No problem! We created this space for ALL QLTS delegates — current as well as future enrollees, and experienced grads — to help one another. Head over now to get involved!


The MCT is a test of common law principles in multiple choice format. It requires you to read through fact patterns and identify the right answer.

The OSCE is a practical exam that requires computer-based writing exercises and interviews with actors playing clients. The goal of the OSCE is to replicate your first day in an office.

See the QLTS Overview for more detailed description of the format and subjects tested on both Assessments.

The MCT and the OSCE exams are administered separately, three months apart. Upcoming exam dates and enrollment deadlines can be found on our Overview page.

QLTS Advantage Live Tuition sessions are typically held about a month prior to the exams at Gray's Inn, London, and video recordings of the sessions are posted online for remote viewing at this time as well.

Upon enrollment, you are directed to sit our Diagnostic mock exam. After grading, one of our tutors will send you a customized study schedule.

Yes! Due to popular demand, you now have the option to request printable PDF copies of all the manuals, which cover the Black Letter Law for every subject. Now you can study however works best for you!

The foundation subjects are available in PDF format.

For OSCE I, we offer an extensive series of videos, along with a series of mock interviews with supporting documents and instructions for both interviewee and interviewer. (Note: City Law tutors devote an entire day of Live Tuition for face-to-face Advocacy and Interview skills instruction.)

For OSCE II, a computer based exam, it is imperative that you train on a computer. We, therefore, provide over 100 scenarios on our proprietary, split-screen interactive training system, which is designed to mimic the real format of the test.

Try our OSCE Test Drive now to see how our system works!

Five of the subjects tested are case driven, so you will need access to Lexis. Further, on the exam, Kaplan often 'scrambles' the facts of famous cases, to test your knowledge of a principle of law.

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We've been around a while. Since 2003, we've trained more than 5100 delegates to qualify as English Solicitors.

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