How long does my enrollment with QLTS Advantage last?

Your enrollment lasts until you pass the exam, no matter when you choose to sit.

Are there any additional fees?

No. All services, updates and admission to the live classroom sessions led by City Law School tutors, are included in the price.

What is your relationship with City, University of London?

City provides the content for your training program. The materials are derived from those used for the LPC and GDL courses, and modified to the specifications of the Day One Outcomes. Live revision sessions, led by various City Law staff, take place on their Gray’s Inn Campus.

What if I have a question during my training?

All queries are answered by City Law professors. Delegates present their questions via email, which are then forwarded to the appropriate professor.

Are the materials updated?

Yes. The training is automatically updated whenever there is a change in law, or City adds new content.

Why do you use an online platform?

We find it the most effective way to prepare you for the QLTS examinations. Our unique approach is reflected in the high scores our delegates achieve. Based on reported scores, clients using the online system achieve scores that are 15 points higher on average when compared to printed materials. Additionally, the use of an online system allows us to offer you lower prices and unlimited term enrollment. Due to our ability to update the materials for all clients on one platform, we can ensure that no matter when you choose to start, stop, and restart studying, you are using the most comprehensive course available.

Can I receive printed versions?

Yes. Pursuant to our agreement with City Law School, we can offer a limited number of printed copies of the MCT manuals.

How many computers or devices can I use?

You can register up to three devices. The online system saves any work on any device to your unique user ID, so you can switch devices as often as you like — and pick up exactly where you left off.

How many hours does it take to prepare for the MCT?

Following your enrollment with QLTS Advantage, one of our tutors will contact you to direct you to our ‘diagnostic’ mock exam. After evaluating your results, and assessing your knowledge of the ‘Outcomes’ tested, the tutor will send you a customized study schedule.

What happens if I cannot attend a Revision Day?

The sessions are recorded and posted to the training within 24 hours. All previous sessions are included with the training as well.

Does QLTS Advantage have experience helping foreign lawyers qualify as English Solicitors?

Yes. Formerly operating as “QLTT International”, we were an SRA authorized provider of QLTT training, and also administered the exams in seven jurisdictions around the world. Over the past decade, we have helped more than 5100 lawyers become Solicitors via this transfer route.

How are your pass rates calculated?

Neither the SRA nor Kaplan has ever published the number of test takers on any of their past exams, nor how many delegates study with training providers. Our published pass rates are based on score reports sent to us by our delegates.