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Meet your City Law School tutors who are currently teaching the assessed Day 1 Outcomes

David Amos, Director LPC, PCA Sona Mehta, Senior Lecturer, Property Christopher Lowney, LPC Coordinator, Business Elaine Fahey, Senior Lecturer, EU Law Julie Browne, Senior Lecturer, Contract & Torts
Dr. Alex Dymock, Lecturer, Criminal Law Ioannis Kalpouzos, Lecturer, EU Law Amanda Fancourt, Sr. Lecturer, Business Law Claire de Than, Sr. Lecturer, Equity & Trusts
David Amos, Director LPC, PCA Amanda Fancourt, Sr. Lecturer, Business Law Elaine Fahey, Senior Lecturer, EU Law Sona Mehta, Senior Lecturer, Property Christopher Lowney, LPC Coordinator/ Lecturer, Business Julie Browne, Senior Lecturer, Contract & Torts Dr. Alex Dymock, Lecturer, Criminal Law Ioannis Kalpouzos, Lecturer, EU Law Claire de Than, Sr. Lecturer, Equity & Trusts

Holly Gaskin-Old
President and


Responding to numerous enquiries from students wishing to practice abroad, six NY law professors conceived and founded QLTT. Incorporated in August 2000, QLTT International has helped over 5100 attorneys qualify as English Solicitors by passing the required official transfer exams for England and Wales. Our initial mandate was to create a course that would prepare students for today’s changed legal environment and secondly, to establish a convenient and easy means for practicioners to obtain an English Solicitor’s license without having to spend enormous amounts of time and money. Happily, we believe we’ve achieved both.

Under the recent change to the regulations governing foreign admission as an English Solicitor we operated as QLTS International to continue offering our service to new delegates worldwide, and have since developed additional delivery platforms to prepare attorneys for the all-new QLTS format. The QLTS Advantage online learning system pairs our quality training materials with easy-to-use technology, making foreign attorneys better-equipped than ever to qualify as Solicitors and expand their business opportunities abroad.

Formerly partnered with BPP and OXILP (Oxford Brookes / Oxford University).

City, University of London

City, University of London

QLTS Advantage prep course has been created in collaboration with City Law School, the newest member of City University London. The University is ranked in the 'top ten' in the UK for graduate employment, and operates one of the best law schools in the world. QLTS Advantage course has been designed and developed by the same experienced lawyers who also write/lecture for the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and for the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL*) courses. Indeed, since 1976, City’s expert law professionals have helped produce thousands of dynamic, highly motivated, and "practice-ready" Solicitors – with the skills to work in today’s new global economy.

Revision lectures, held at the law school’s Gray’s Inn campus in the heart of legal London, are delivered by senior lecturers, who are currently teaching City’s LPC course. Our delegates have given these revision sessions 'rave reviews'.

Testimonials from our QLTS Delegates

Thank you QLTS Advantage
I am pleased to inform you that I have passed the June 2015 OSCE assessment and finally I am a qualified England and Wales solicitor. I really want to thank you and all your colleagues within QLTS Advantage for the great support, without you guys I would have never achieved this success. The training material, the videos, the notes provided are outstanding, professional and perfect. They allowed me to sit the exam with all the confidence and preparation needed to pass. You know I had an unfortunate experience with a previous training provider and on this basis I am sure when I state that you are the best and most professional training provider on the market. During the exam days I had occasion to chat with other candidates, they were all disappointed with other providers that are only good in marketing themselves on LinkedIn or other media but really poor is professionally assisting candidate to pass the QLTS exams. Thank you again Nathan. Kindest regards.

Luigi L, Qualified Lawyer in Italyluigi

Recent OSCE feedback:

A big Thank you to you and the team for helping me get thorough the exams and putting up with my technical and computer challenges. Glad to report I have passed the OSCEs.

M.J., US Attorney

I passed. Got 76%. Thanks.

W.B., Lawyer in Indonesia

I am happy to inform you that I cleared OSCE taken in June '15. Signing up with QLTS Advantage and your timely advice were a big help. My sincere thanks.

V.K., Lawyer in India

Delegate reports "a very positive experience":
... [the tutors] had ideas and tips that I would have not thought of myself, and made themselves available daily by email to answer all of my questions... on both the format and substance of the assessments.

Laura Mitchell, Qualified Lawyer in Scotland

I would like to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to deal with your organization. Every question is answered promptly, the materials provided are easy to follow and the program overall is excellent. Thank you as this is the best money I've spent in a very long time.

Dante Benedettini, Kaydon Corporation, Sumter, SC

Just wanted to let you know that I started last month with Intelsat as their GC for Europe and Middle East, and will be relocating to London. I wanted to share this with you since it was taking and passing the Solicitors' exams that made this possible. My regards to Deborah, Nathan and everyone else.

Armando. T., Intelstat, London, England

I would like to thank all of you for making this possible in my life. You have been great to work with and I hope to be a strong referral source. Materials were right-on to help me pass all three parts on the first attempt.  Thank you!

Eric S. Ratliff, Professor of Law

I am Board Certified in Antitrust and Trade Regulation Law by the Florida Bar. Over the past several years, the counseling requirements of my clientele have become increasingly global. Specifically, my clients are expanding into EU markets and the legal counseling they require is increasingly more in the nature of competition advice concerning the establishment of distribution channels. This changing focus of my practice was the primary impetus for my sitting for the English Solicitor Bar exam. There are many British companies in Florida, so mutually beneficial networking opportunities are abundant. By qualifying as an English Solicitor, I was able to enhance my ability to service my clients in Competition Law matters and have now successfully built a very lucrative two-way network of Solicitors.

Thank you most sincerely for helping me accomplish these objectives.

Hal K. Litchford, Litchford & Christopher Professional Association, Orlando, Florida USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm still in shock. Your course is so amazing, that even I was able to pass with your incredible study materials.

Judge William Brogdon, Atlanta, GA

The online training system makes preparation far easier. It truly helps you to identify the most relevant information needed for the exam, and the areas where you are most likely to be tested.

Anibal Sabater, Esq., Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

I found the materials to be essential in preparing for the exams. The combination of clear and concise manuals, lectures, practice exams, and other online material, all were an excellent way to efficiently absorb the information needed to pass the exams. I recommend QLTS Advantage’s distance learning program without hesitation to anyone who is interested succeeding on the Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Scheme.

My primary reason for taking the QLTS exam is that my practice often involves commercial finance transactions that include obligors (i.e. borrowers or guarantors) that are located in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, etc. I deal with solicitors in connection with obtaining and enforcing charges on assets, guaranties and other matters in these jurisdictions.

Christopher G. Dorman, Phillips Lytle LLP

Could I just say how impressed I am with the level of student support that comes with signing up to the online MCT...

Posted by Noelene Harding on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Before the exam I was really stressed about the volume of material. Then I signed up with QLTS Advantage; it gave me much needed direction and clarity, and was of great assistance in passing the exam. Thanks!

Harriet B. (Jul.'15 UK delegate)harriet

QLTS leads to exotic adventure:
I am in Warri and Escravos, Nigeria on a huge 6 billion dollar oil and gas project. As a Lawyer and Solicitor I am doing contracts and subcontracts, compliance issues, and working with local community leaders. What a blast... dangerous at times - we have armed guards with us all the time, 25 foot crocs around the site, Malaria, and lots of other things. The people are very nice, hard working, educated, want to work, are social, and the project is doing a huge amount of good for the local and Delta State communities... I am glad I did the QLTS as it has helped me get this job and have the credibility and credentials to succeed in it with such diverse communities.

Steve Reddy, Esq., Escravos, Nigeria

Qualifying as an English Solicitor is the best route, in my opinion, for an associate to gain instant recognition from upper and middle management. Taking this exam directly impacts your annual review, no doubt about it!

Alain Villeneuve, Associate, Vedder Price Kaufman & Kammholz

Thank you, Anthony!
I attribute my success to the fantastic prep materials your organization made available ... the web materials were a valuable resource. I went through each question methodically, therefore "locking" in the areas where questions were likely to arise (and they certainly did).

Stacey Farmer, Esq., Munich, Germany

"Studying for the Solicitor’s exam not only conferred the obvious benefit of learning the law of England and Wales, but also lent new depth to my U.S. practice, even after 25 years of practice. The Revision Day in London was particularly helpful, as was the access to Lexis. QLTS Advantage does a good job of advising and reminding of changes in the law that will be covered on the exams, and of facilitating multi-media study. I found the online content particularly convenient, especially the lectures that I loaded onto my phone and listened to whenever I had a few minutes."

Laura E. Jordan, Esq. Principal, The Capital Law Firm, PLLC, Washington D.C.

Thanks for your support in preparing for last week's test. There were no surprises, given the depth of the outlines, reinforcement questions and mock review. The audio for Civil Litigation was especially valuable and clear. Additionally, in the context of distance learning, it was great to have my e-mailed questions answered promptly and thoroughly.

Gary T. Johnson, Partner, Jones Day

I am so delighted with the support and tutoring I received from QLTS Advantage. With excellent materials and diligence on my part, I was able to pass on the first sitting with flying colors! The recordings were clear, held my interest, and reinforced the very complete foundation modules. I highly recommend your course as a complete source for preparation for those wanting to qualifying as Solicitors in England & Wales.

Laura A. Peter, San Francisco, CA

QLTS Advantage was crucial for my successful completion of the assessments, both through their explanation of the process and for the study materials, which allowed me to sit for the test fully prepared. QLTS Advantage really "goes to bat" for the candidates.

Charles W. Cookson, Brazil

Industry wisdom:

The convenience of offering interested lawyers from our city (and indeed from the Midwest) the opportunity to take this important examination in Chicago is truly a valuable service. Qualifying as a solicitor may provide a useful credential and knowledge base for lawyers wishing to develop practices in the UK or with clients located there.

Terrence M. Murphy, Executive Director, Chicago Bar Association

Surveys tell us ... over the next two decades the demand for international law specialists will be among the highest for all legal professionals. In a climate of ever advancing changes in international law, the lawyer who lacks a firm understanding of the international environment risks irrelevancy.

Professor George Bermann, Columbia Law School

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