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Test Drive QLTS Advantage

Test Drive the QLTS Advantage training system with a selection of interactive demos below. Additional samples for other subject areas to come.

Step 1. Here's the problem. Go for it!

The QLTS Advantage system has an interactive split-screen viewer and answer booklet so you can write your paper and access your course materials with guidance side-by-side, then save your work safely online.
‘Test drive’ the system with just 1-click by
to create a temporary account, or feel free to skip this step and write your answers on any 'paper' of your choosing.

Step 2. Study resources.

Here’s a preview of some of the Preparatory Reading and Audio lectures available on our Training site to help you answer the question: Substantive Law, Case law, Legal Writing preparation and Civil Litigation lecture.

Step 3. Check your work. How did it go?

All of our mock exam exercises include detailed Guidance drafted by City Law School professors, and every OSCE enrollment now includes 3 months of free access to Lexis Legal Library.