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Holly Gaskin-Old, President of QLTS Advantage
Holly Gaskin-Old

President of QLTS Advantage
and Barrister-at-law

Responding to numerous enquiries from students wishing to practice abroad, six NY law professors conceived and founded QLTT. Incorporated in August 2000, QLTT International has helped thousands of attorneys qualify as English Solicitors by passing the required official transfer exams for England and Wales. Our initial mandate was to create a course that would prepare students for today's changed legal environment and secondly, to establish a convenient and easy means for practitioners to obtain an English Solicitor's license without having to spend enormous amounts of time and money. Happily, we believe we've achieved both.

Under the recent change to the regulations governing foreign admission as an English Solicitor we operated as QLTS International to continue offering our service to new delegates worldwide, and have since developed additional delivery platforms to prepare attorneys for the all-new QLTS format. The QLTS Advantage online learning system pairs our quality training materials with easy-to-use technology, making foreign attorneys better-equipped than ever to qualify as Solicitors and expand their business opportunities abroad.

Formerly partnered with BPP and OXILP (Oxford Brookes / Oxford University).

The City Law School,
City University of London

The City Law School, CITY, University of London

The QLTS Advantage prep course has been created in collaboration with The City Law School, the newest member of City, University of London, ranked in the "Top 10 Universities in London" in 2019 by TopUniversities.com*. The City Law School is one of London's major law schools, offering an impressive range of academic and professional courses. The QLTS Advantage course has been designed and developed by the same experienced lawyers who also write/lecture for the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and for the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) courses. Indeed, since 1976, City's expert law professionals have helped produce thousands of dynamic, highly motivated, and "practice-ready" Solicitors – with the skills to work in today's new global economy.

Live Tuition, held at the law school's Gray's Inn campus in the heart of legal London, is delivered by senior lecturers, who are currently teaching City's LPC course. Our delegates have given these revision sessions "rave reviews".

* Bridgestock, L, 'Top 10 Universities in London', TopUniversities.com, 19 June 2019


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Meet your City Tutors
New Live Tuition video samples added

David Amos

Director of Legal Practice, Associate Dean (External Engagement) and Associate Professor, City Law School. 24 years LPC experience

Robin Sellers

Criminal Law lecturer, Barrister, CPD consultant at City University and The University of Reading

Stella Abrahams

Specialises in wills, trusts and estate planning and provides advice on inheritance tax and capital gains tax

Nick Hancock

Formerly SRA LPC external examiner; now lectures for City, University of London, QLTS program

Panos Koutrakos

Professor of European Union Law, Jean Monnet Professor of European Law. City bio

Angela Jackman

CPD Consultant / Senior Lecturer at The City Law School; Partner at Simpson Millar. Specializes in Mental capacity, Education and Public law. City bio

Edward Bates
Edward Bates

Lecturer in Law, The City Law School, Academic Programmes
City bio

Elliot Schatzberger

Senior Lecturer and Head of Learning and Teaching: Middlesex University School of Law and Politics

Claire De Than

Senior Lecturer, Co-Director of the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism, City University London

James Catchpole

Director of Legal Practice Course (LPC), The City Law School, Professional Programmes. City bio

Julie Browne

Senior Lecturer, Dep Course Director BVC, The City Law School, Professional Programmes. City bio


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