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Holly Gaskin-Old, President of QLTS Advantage
Holly Gaskin-Old

President of QLTS Advantage
and Barrister-at-law

Our journey began 20 years ago, when six New York Law School Professors incorporated QLTT International to address the numerous requests from students wishing to practice abroad. We had a clear vision to create a training course that would prepare students for today's changed legal environment and to establish convenient and easy means for practitioners to obtain an English Solicitor's license – without having to spend enormous amounts of time and money. We can proudly say that we achieved both! Since 2002, we've helped thousands of attorneys qualify as English Solicitors by passing the required official transfer exams for England and Wales.

With the change to regulations governing foreign admission as an English Solicitor, we started to operate as QLTS International and continued offering our services to new delegates from around the world.

In 2010, when the SRA expanded the syllabus and changed the format of the QLTS assessment, we developed our current online training system, QLTS Advantage, based on documents originally supplied by City Law School. Our blended course pairs concise, quality study materials and live review with easy-to-use technology and realtime video classes, enabling aspiring UK delegates to qualify as Solicitors with the highest degree of efficiency and success, and foreign attorneys to expand their business opportunities abroad.

With the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) coming into effect in late 2021 replacing the former QLTS, we adapted and improved our training once again, to ensure we can continue to prepare everyone for the new route to qualification. SQE2 content was created by our cadre of instructors—experienced lecturers/professors from The University of London, Open University, Middlesex University, and also drawn from a select group of qualified Solicitors—ensuring that we deliver the highest quality course content to our delegates.

Formerly partnered with BPP and OXILP (Oxford Brookes / Oxford University).

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