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No more, no less. We only teach what you
really need to know for sitting the exam

All-inclusive Courses

Premium, without the Premium. No need to purchase
any other study materials or add-ons!

Personal Mentoring

Highly-qualified mentors to guide you through
your studies and Personalized Study Plan

Live Tuition

Sit a complete mock assessment
under real exam conditions + Tutor review

Tutor Support

Get real answers to your study questions
from CITY Lecturers / Professors

Print Manuals

Study online or print PDF copies of the books – whatever works best for you!

Lexis Library

Unlimited access until you pass,
free with all MCT / OSCE courses

Now including Live uition

Everything you need to pass the MCT:  Focused manuals covering Day One Outcomes, introductory lectures for each subject area tested, over 1500 Mock/Reinforcement questions with guidance, Live Weekends with mock exam in an actual simulated exam environment, free access to Lexis, and unlimited tutor support, with access to 11 professors—one for each of the 11 subject areas.

Diagnostic Test

Sit a comprehensive Diagnostic exam designed by City tutors

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Based on your score, the tutors will then create a Personalized Study Plan just for you
MCT Manuals

Eleven electronic modules covering Day One Outcomes (SRA)

Create your own revision notes with powerful tools: Text highlighting, Annotation

Printable PDF manuals are included for all subjects

Video Lectures

New video and audio lectures recorded to reinforce select MCT topics, expanding and emphasizing the most challenging subjects reported by delegates

Practice questions
  • 1500+ Questions test your knowledge in each of the MCT Outcomes
  • Answers include guidance from the corresponding sections in the modules
  • Mock exams simulate the actual test format

Sample MCT
mock test

MCT Live Tuition Weekends

Four full days face-to-face tuition at City Law School, Gray's Inn Place, London.*

  • Master the 140 principles tested on the MCT
  • Discover the 'Logic of the Exam'
  • Review Updates in force at the time of the assessment - eg. CRA 2015
  • Sit a FULL mock exam under actual testing conditions

Upcoming sessions:

*COVID-19 Update:  Our new & improved Live Weekends are now being held online via Zoom, giving even more people the chance to attend in real time!

20–21 June, 2020

27–28 June, 2020

A4 Financial Regulation
A5 Contracts
A6 Torts
A7 Crime
A9 Equity & Trusts
A11 Business Law

A1 English Legal System and the EU
A2 Constitutional Law
A3 Professional Conduct and Accounts
A8 Land
A10 Human Rights

Video stream available to non-residents. Recordings of the June 2020 sessions are now available in the online training.

Live uition Weekends

Since we added Live Tuition to both our MCT and OSCE courses, pass rates have steadily climbed well above the Kaplan pass rate and our delegates have consistently reported a higher level of preparedness and confidence while sitting their exams.

Just a few weeks before you will sit the exams, attend four full days of intensive face-to-face review sessions (held over two consecutive weekends) at Gray's Inn campus in the heart of legal London*. Sessions are conducted by senior City Law School lecturers who are currently teaching City's LPC course. If you cannot attend a session in person, replays with all supporting documents and exercises are made available in the Members area.

*COVID-19 Update:  Our newly-revamped Live Weekends are now being held completely online via live Zoom.

Click on the links below for more detailed info on the MCT and OSCE Live Tuition Weekends, and check out new Video Previews from recent sessions:

MCT OSCE Preview



w/ Live uition & LexisNexis

Our training includes over 150 mock examinations in research, writing, drafting, interviewing, and advocacy. We have designed our training so that you perform these stations exactly as you would on the day of the test. For face-to-face tuition we exclusively offer classroom sessions which occur over two weekends, where you perform all 18 stations of an OSCE exam and get immediate feedback from City professors. You'll receive support from 5 professors—one for each subject tested on the OSCE.

Foundations Modules

Electronic modules with comprehensive preparation in Black Letter Law for:

  • Contracts
  • Torts
  • Property
  • Crime
  • Business
  • Probate*
  • Professional Conduct & Accounts
  • FSMA & Taxation

Printable PDF manuals now included for all subjects

*Our Foundations for Probate ensures you fully understand the topic before you begin your OSCE exercises

OSCE Part I Module

Electronic module with:

  • General preparation for the Assessment
    • Review of grading criteria
    • Test-taking strategies focused on the format and style most often employed by Kaplan
Practice scenarios (I)

52+ Mock Client Interviews and Advocacy Exercises

  • Scenarios cover all required subject areas with supporting documents and instructions for both interviewer and interviewee
  • Extensive guidance on the proper methods of conducting an OSCE style interview
OSCE Part II Module

Electronic modules with interactive split screen trainer

  • General preparation for the Assessment
    • Review of grading criteria
    • Test-taking strategies with regard to substance format and style most often employed by Kaplan
    • Guidance on proper structure and English diction for legal writing
  • Skills instruction in Legal Drafting, Legal Writing and On-Line Research

View a sample

Practice scenarios (II)

in all practice areas and all required documents. Each scenario uses our proprietary, split-screen interactive training system, designed to mimic the real format of the test

  • Specific guidance for all 120+ mock exams. Extensive guidance on the use of forms and precedents and finding them in LexisNexis
  • Screen shots from LexisNexis and Westlaw to ensure you use the most efficacious legal research methods and master the contents of these databases
OSCE Video training and Lectures

Proper comportment, communication, effective questioning, etc.

  • OSCE Probate role-play interviews
  • OSCE Advocacy demos
Lexis Library

Free LexisNexis access until you pass the exam

OSCE Live Tuition Weekends

Complement your OSCE Training with 4 full days (two weekends) face-to-face tuition at City Law School, Gray's Inn Place, London.*

  • Lectures to emphasize key areas of Day One Outcomes C / D / F
  • One full day devoted to each legal skill assessed: Writing, Drafting, Research
  • Role playing exercises for Interviewing / Advocacy Skills
  • Tutor-guided review of a complete assessment
  • Final exam tips for OSCE Parts I & II on format and presentation

Upcoming sessions:


OSCE price includes our OSCE course + Live Tuition Weekends. (Not available as a stand-alone program.)

Video stream available to non-residents. Recordings of the July 2020 sessions are now available in the online training.

*COVID-19 Update:  Our new & improved Live Weekends are now being held online via Zoom Meeting, giving even more people the chance to attend in real time!

Secure your #OSCESuccess!

With the upcoming SQE and only 4 remaining OSCE administrations before the transition to the new route—there's really no better time than right now to prepare for the OSCE. With this in mind, we've created a unique study opportunity to ensure your success:

Skip the next OSCE exam—but attend the Live Classes!

If you are planning on taking the exam in 2021 but sign-up for our course NOW, you can attend multiple Live Sessions at no extra cost!
(If you plan to sit in April, you can attend the Live Weekends in preparation for the November exam, and another set before the April sitting etc.)

With this much face-to-face tuition, you will have gone over every combination of skills / law that the examiner can test you on. There will be no surprises and you'll walk into the exam with total confidence.

Sign up Now

to lock-into this special OSCE deal.

#OSCESuccess Stories

'Test Drive' our Training system

Are you ready for the MCT? How good is your Legal Writing? Attempt a mock Multiple Choice Test, or a 'real' interactive OSCE scenario, to see how our practice area works.

QLTS Advantage Fees

Including Live Tuition
$ 1,770
~ £ / €
  • Full MCT Course
  • + Live Tuition Sessions
  • Tutor support
  • Free access to Lexis Library
Including Live Tuition
$ 2,850
~ £ / €
  • Full OSCE Course
  • + Live Tuition Sessions
  • Tutor support
  • Free access to Lexis Library

Best Deal

Including Live Tuition
$ 3,890
~ £ / €
  • Save £500
  • Full MCT & OSCE Courses
  • + Live Tuition Sessions
  • Tutor support
  • Free access to Lexis Library

How can we offer such competitive prices?

  • A blended course, with basic training delivered online and focused Live Tuition lets us offer our program at a lower cost than 'brick & mortar' providers can match.
  • "In-house". We are a real Law SchoolCity, University of London–so our materials are regularly updated by current LPC and GDL lecturers / professors. We don't have to outsource these services.
  • Minimal advertising. Our reputation, 19-years experience and thousands of 'grads' speak for themselves.

All charges in US dollars, no VAT.

No hidden fees.

Books, VAT, tutor support, full Q Bank, free access to Lexis Library – All included in the price.
Straight-forward.  It's the way we work.

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