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Reported results for the May 2018 OSCE were 89% overall; reported results for the July 2018 MCT were 72%. (Kaplan's global rates were 72/73% for the two OSCE groups; 50% for MCT.) Pass rates have been steadily increasing since our introduction of Live Tuition.  Find out more

Reported results for the November 2017 OSCE were 73% overall; reported results for the January 2018 MCT were 78%. (Kaplan's global rates were 63/51% for the two OSCE groups; 46% for MCT.)

As Kaplan only releases results directly to the delegates, we can base our pass rates solely on the actual reported data collected from our delegates. It is impossible to obtain this information any other way. The total number of delegates sitting the exam or which provider they studied with are not released.

While other providers might base their numbers on assumptions, we only report the actual results, giving you 100% transparency and REAL results.

Live Tuition

YES. QLTS Advantage now offers Live Tuition via Zoom webinar for all enrollees at no extra cost, so everyone can attend from anywhere in the world.

Our live classes are led by experienced GDL and LPC University lecturers and professors.

YES.  Eg. You will learn how to identify the Trigger Sentence in any MCT fact pattern; For the OSCE, gain experience role playing, BOTH as Actor and Delegate, to score more marks.

The classes take place two to three weeks preceding each assessment date.

Live tuition is scheduled for the weekends 30–31 Oct. & 6–7 Nov. 2021, from 9:30am - 4:30pm, in preparation for the November 2021 sitting (Kaplan)

Recordings of the July 2021 sessions are available in the Members Area.

Absolutely! Due to the current situation, we have completely overhauled our Live Weekends and they are now being held entirely online via live Zoom Webinar. Now, even more people from around the world can attend our classroom training in real time, and we've received overwhelming positive feedback from our instructors and students alike on the new format.

You can attend as many sessions as you would like until you successfully pass the exam.

Video replays of the Classroom Sessions will post to your training account within 48 hours.



Our MCT+ course is $1,500 (~ £ / ~ €). All charges are in US dollars (your bank will automatically do the conversion) and there is no VAT charge. You can pay by credit / debit card.

  • 11 PRINTABLE PDF manuals covering Day One Outcomes (also available online with annotation tools)
  • LIVE TUITION Weekends, including mock exam delivered in an actual simulated exam environment
  • Introductory LECTURES for each subject area tested
  • Over 1500 MOCK/REINFORCEMENT questions with guidance
  • Unlimited TUTOR support
  • Free access to LEXIS LIBRARY

Read more on our Courses page

Suggested study times vary, but as a General Rule, we suggest 80-100 hours for delegates with a Common Law background, and anywhere up to 200 hours for Civil trained lawyers. (As soon as you enroll, you will be directed to sit our Diagnostic test, that's graded and returned to you with a recommended study schedule.)

QLTS Advantage tutors have created our course content with reference to the exact specifications of the Day One Outcomes, the official syllabus published by the SRA.

We TEACH TO THE TEST. No more, No less. (We've identified the 140 principles most frequently tested.)

YES.  The LEXIS membership comes for free with the course. MCT questions are derived from case law and statutes. Familiarity with the judgment of the court will help you identify the principle of law being tested, and quickly eliminate wrong answers.

Often Kaplan will simply 'scramble' case details. (For example, a 'smoke ball' and 'respiratory illness' might be replaced by 'skin lotion' and 'skin cancer' in a question testing your understanding of the principle in Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke.)


Our OSCE+ course is $2,500 (~ £ / ~ €). All charges are in US dollars (your bank will automatically do the conversion) and there is no VAT charge. You can pay by credit / debit card.

  • 8 PRINTABLE PDF Foundations manuals covering the Black Letter Law for all subject areas (also available online with annotation tools)
  • LIVE TUITION Weekends, where you perform all 18 stations of an OSCE exam and get immediate feedback from our tutors
  • Introductory LECTURES for each subject areas tested
  • Electronic modules with general preparation for the assessment, test-taking strategies, and skills instruction
  • 80+ MOCK Client Interviews and Advocacy Exercises
  • 120+ PRACTICE SCENARIOS in Writing, Drafting and Research (most with video guidance)
  • Unlimited TUTOR support
  • Free access to LEXIS LIBRARY

Read more on our Courses page

Be very careful with this. Less than 25% of what is included in those books is actually tested. Please also note that LPC standards are not the same as for the OSCE.

The OSCE mimics your first day in an office. It tests everything from your computer research skills to evaluating your client comportment, using criteria as banal as a 'handshake'.

Most people require an average of 80-120 hours.

YES.  All clients are invited to attend as many classroom sessions as they'd like.

Each session includes three stations to practice interviews and three stations to practice advocacy. Lecturers require delegates to 'play' both roles, as Solicitor and as Actor, and give immediate feedback.

Delegates score higher on OSCE I when they understand how Actors are instructed and how their role is designed.

YES.  We have 120+ exercises in Writing, Drafting and Research, including 100+ stations with video guidance. (eg. the lecturer reviews the facts, suggests relevant legal tests and procedures, and provides a sample answer with sentence by sentence guidance.)

YES.  Our training platform is designed to mimic the exact format of the exam. Two to three weeks before the exam, during the revision sessions, you will perform at ALL 18 stations (just as you will be required to do on the actual exam) with immediate feedback from our tutors.

More MCT/OSCE FAQ's (QLTS Overview)


The most easy and convenient way to enroll is to use our Registration Page. It's just 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Create an account by filling-in your account details. Step 2: Choose your training course and elect tentative exam dates. (You can change this at any time.) Step 3: Review the Enrollment Agreement. Step 4: Enter your Credit / Debit card details in our secure enclave. Within moments you will receive your own key to the training castle! (by electronic mail)

Alternatively, you may request wire instructions by calling us or sending an inquiry through our Contact form.

YES.  Upon enrollment, you will have immediate access to the online training system, to all your course videos and mock questions, you may download PDFs of the 11 subject manuals for offline use, and you'll receive codes for LEXIS access.

Your enrollment lasts until you pass the exam, no matter when you choose to sit.


No. Both our MCT and OSCE courses come with all the materials you need for studying, which can be accessed inside our online training portal. PDF copies of the manuals are also available for download. See all of what's included here.

Yes.  Our online training portal is regularly revised and checked as the law changes, to ensure all subjects and exercises are current. We did a comprehensive overhaul of our study materials in November 2019, and have made many additions and refinements since.

Queries are answered by University Law Professors, who are teaching the corresponding LLB/GDL or LPC subject. QLTS Advantage also employs Testing Specialists who will teach you the structure and format of the QLTS examinations. Just send us a message and the request will be quickly routed to the most suitable expert on our team to help you.

QLTT International, the forerunner of QLTS Advantage, was developed in 2001 by six New York Law School Professors and has since helped train thousands of attorneys from around the world qualify as English Solicitors. In 2010, following the SRA's expanded syllabus and changed format of the new transfer exam (QLTS), the Law Professors developed the on-line course materials based on documents originally supplied by City Law School.

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