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Step 1. Here's the problem.
The QLTS Advantage system has an interactive split-screen viewer and answer booklet so you can write your paper and access your course materials with guidance side-by-side, then save your work safely online.

Go for it!  30 minutes (Suggested time to allocate for this question in a 'real' testing scenario)

Step 2. Study resources.
Here’s a preview of some of the Preparatory Reading and Audio lectures available on our Training site to help you answer the question: Substantive Law, Case Law, Legal Writing preparation and Civil Litigation lecture.
Step 3. Check your work. How did it go?
All of our mock exam exercises include detailed Guidance, and every OSCE enrollment includes free access to Lexis Legal Library until you pass the exam. (The SQE2 Assessment, however, does not require online research, so all supporting documents and forms are be provided, hence Lexis is not necessary for SQE study.)

If you want to try a sample OSCE Legal Writing exercise, please return to this page on a desktop computer.

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